Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When are the league fees due?
A: Ideally league fees are due a week before the league starts since in the past, we have experienced “flakers”. Through this, it allows to work on a first come first serve basis. Once your team pays in full or drops a deposit, you are guaranteed a spot in our league. If not, we cannot assure that your team a spot.

Q: Is it 5 on 5?
A: Yes. However, we may implement 3 on 3 tournaments

Q: What are the league rules and regulations?
• All participants must be responsible for their own medical insurance. Hoops Hawaii and it’s owners will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained during games at any gym or around gym premises.
• If necessary, all players must read, sign roster sheets, and provide I.D. before playing in any game.
• 12 player maximum limit per roster.
• Each team must have at least 4 players to start a game, with the 5th player showing up before the start of the 2nd half. If the 5th player has not appeared by the start of the 2nd half, the game will become a forfeit and the forfeiting team will have to pay the $70 forfeit bond.
• Each player must play in 1 of the first 3 scheduled games in order to be part of the final roster and participate during the rest of the season.
• Each player must participate in 3 of the 7 games scheduled in order to participate in the playoffs. No Exceptions.
• Registration fees of $350 must be paid before the 1st game of the regular season.

Venmo/Paypal/Cash accepted.
• Referee fees of $300 must be paid by the 3rd game of the season. CASH ONLY!
• Each team will be allowed a 10-minute grace period after scheduled game start time has passed. Once the 10 minute grace period has passed, the team will assume a forfeit and have to pay the $70 forfeit bond ($35 for your game fee + $35 for the game fee of the team that showed up). In respect for other people’s time, if you believe your team cannot play a scheduled game, please let us know 24 hours in

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advance so that there’s no monetary penalty – forfeiture will be applied.

• Fighting will result in automatic ejection of players involved. In addition, all players involved in a fight will be banned from the league. NO EXCEPTIONS The Hoops Hawaii committee will review all incidences. Players will only be reinstated with approval of league officials.
• No jewelry (earrings, studs, chain necklaces, etc.) will be allowed while playing. Referees will give you a friendly reminder to remove jewelry. Anyone who chooses to ignore the rule and continues to play while wearing jewelry will receive a technical foul.


• National High School Rules Apply varied with NBA rules
• Two 18 minute periods, with a 30 second shot clock applied throughout the game.
• 1st half, stop clock stops on all whistles in the last 30 seconds.
• 2nd half, stop clock enforced during the last 2 minutes of the game if the game is within 10 points.
• Mercy Rule – To ensure the safety and respect for players, the referee(s) may end the game if a team is leading by 20 points or more tat the 2 minute mark of the 2nd half.
• Overtime period will last 2 minutes
• If a game has not been decided after 1 overtime period a Sudden Death period will commence. First 3 points scored from either team ends the game.
• Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls.

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• Technical fouls count as personal fouls as well as team fouls.
• 2 Technical foul constitutes an ejection from the game and the facility. Team captains will escort them out.
• Teams will be in the bonus after six (6) team fouls, they will be awarded with a 1 and 1. After ten (10) team fouls, the team will be awarded two (2) free throws.
• Substitutes must report to scorer’s table and wait to be called into the game by officials. Walking onto the court before being called in will result in a technical foul on that player.
• 8 second backcourt violation rule enforced.
• 3 timeouts per game, only 2 can be carried into the 2nd half. 1 timeout only will be given for each team during each overtime period.
• Only the team calling a timeout has the option to advance the ball during the last minute of the game.
• Dunking – Under the rules of the City & County, there will be no dunking in any City & County gyms. Any missed/made dunks will result in automatic technical foul. Made dunks will not be counted as a made field goal.

• In order to keep the professional look of the league, Hoops Hawaii enforces that all participating teams must wear identical uniforms.
• You can either provide your own, or we may direct you to where you may have some made for your team.
• Be cognizant that jersey colors and numbers are necessary for the referees and the scorer’s table. Simple Rule: where the same color jersey as your team with no identical numbers or else that player cannot play.

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• If a player is wearing a different number than usual, please let the scorer’s table know.

• Captains will be held accountable for the conduct of himself, his team and the team’s fans.
• Captains are responsible for all communication and grievances.
• Captains are considered the sole representative of the team.
• Captains are responsible to see that the team is informed of the “Players code of conduct”, that lists infractions and penalties associated with each code.
• Any person ejected from a game – whether before, during or after a game, will automatically be suspended from the next scheduled game as well as placed on probation for the remainder of the season.
• A second ejection will result in suspension from further play in the league.
• At no time shall any player, coach, manager:
1. Lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike or threaten to strike any staff, official player or spectator.
2. Refuse to abide by an official’s decision.
3. Verbally abuse any staff, official, player or spectator.
4. Demonstrate unsportsman-like conduct by throwing foreign object(s) or by any other forceful action.
5. Be guilty of unnecessary rough tactics against any opposing player.

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6. Use profane, obscene, or vulgar language, nor use hand gestures at any time. 7. Appear on site in an intoxicated manner.

• The degree of infraction will determine penalties associated with it.
• Minimum penalty will be a warning, maximum penalty may be up to a 12 month suspension from league play.
• Players with ongoing ejections or ejected for fighting will be required to submit in writing a letter including his/her intent for continued play in the adult sports program. This letter must be signed by both the player and manager for which he/she plays prior to reinstatement

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