Hoops Hawaii aims to contribute to the continuous growth of basketball in the state of Hawaii by providing the opportunity for basketball players to play and develop in a competitive and organized league. We integrate individual team and player stats so that the individual and team can be recognized for their skills and to experience the feeling of being a professional basketball player no matter the player’s current level of play. We also aim to provide Hawaii’s youth with camps and learning opportunities so that they can use the values offered from the game of basketball to impact their everyday life.  Our core values are fellowship, leadership, teamwork, fairness, sportsmanship, health and fitness.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the top basketball organizers in Hawaii by offering a wide range of leagues with various level of competition that will encourage participation from all basketball enthusiasts locally and worldwide.


Ranier Agustin

Ryan Agustin

Justin Carag

Reynan Gorai

Ephraim Botulan

Troy Wong

Josh Antolin

John Avila

Chris Koshimizu

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